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ComEd | Heating & Cooling Rebates

Valid: 06-01-2016 to 12-31-2017

Amount: $50.00 to $600.00


Upgrade your heating and cooling systems and boost your energy efficiency with these home improvements and save with ComEd rebates.

EquipmentTypeMaximum Rebate Amount
Central Air Conditioner ≥ 16 SEER $400
Central Air Conditioner ≥ 15 SEER $300
Air Source Heat Pump ≥ 16 SEER $600
Air Source Heat Pump ≥ 14.5 SEER $400
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump ≥ 17 SEER and ≥ 9.5 HSPF
supplementing an electric resistance heating system
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump ≥ 17 SEER and ≥ 9.5 HSPF supplementing an air source heat pump $300
Furnace Blower Motor (ECM) Factory-installed $50
Furnace Blower Motor (ECM) Upgraded fan in an existing furnace or air handler $125
Heat Pump Water Heater (when purchased through your contractor) < 55 Gallons $500
Geothermal (ground source) Heat Pump* Must be installed by an approved contractor up to $6,000 per home
​Contractor-Installed Smart Thermostat

If you self-install your qualifying smart thermostat, visit Smart Thermostat Rebates for details and to apply. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Allure EverSense Up to ​$100 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Honeywell Lyric
​Lennox iComfort S30
​Nest Learning Thermostat
​Radio Thermostat CT50
​Radio Thermostat CT80

SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
HSPF = Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

Rebate Process

Refer to the chart above for a list of qualifying home heating, cooling or water heater equipment and rebate amounts.

  1. Review the requirements in the Rebates Eligibility Catalog (pdf).
  2. Work with a contractor to select and install qualified home heating, cooling or water heating equipment. Find a Contractor familiar with ComEd rebates.
  3. Apply Online for your Heating and Cooling Rebate. To submit via email or mail, download and complete the ComEd Heating and Cooling Rebates Application (pdf).
  4. Upload or attach the necessary supporting paperwork, including your contractor invoice and AHRI Number (pdf) if applying for a central air conditioner or heat pump rebate.

Can't install the central air conditioning outdoor unit during winter? Please see the Heating and Cooling Rebates FAQs (pdf) for more information.


Rebate Process for Geothermal Heat Pump

*For geothermal heat pump installations, contact an Approved Geothermal Contractor (pdf) for rebate requirements and application process. Call 855-433-2700 for more details.

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